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Welcome to PlugIt Handcrafted Tackle. We're so glad that you're here. 

PlugIt lures are handcrafted out of Alaskan yellow cedar, turned on a lathe and hand-painted.  Each lure is a unique one-of-a-kind piece and is designed to stimulate the strike of a large game fish.

Classic Plug
A proven design that has been extensively tested to catch large game fish.
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With Scales
A twist on the original, this design includes an airbrushed scale pattern across the length of the back. Available in many color patterns.
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A plug with a ladder back paint scheme, requested by an avid fisherman that is proving to work very well.
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Watch here for some of Dave's newest paint schemes. If they become favorites they may be added permanently to the line.
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Now offering Swag
T-shirts and hats now available.
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Big lures catch big fish, right?
Articulating Plugs
8 inches of articulating action, rubber swim tail and 3 treble hooks. Many colors available.
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Blue Dog
Articulating 8 inch plug with rubber tail. Handcrafted from yellow cedar and hand painted.
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Fish Tales

Great tackle by great people. Give them a shot, I'll bet you're not disappointed. 


Thanks for introducing me to plugs, they made for a great day of fishing! 

Bob C.

Great line up of colors, I’m officially hooked on these plugs!  

Dan G.